Please allow up to 1 ½ hours  for your animal's first appointment.

It is important that you have completed and returned the veterinary permission form prior to my visit for physiotherapy and laser therapy. Veterinary permission is required prior to treatment as part of The Veterinary Surgery (Exemption) Order 1962, which states "all physiotherapy treatment undertaken must be under veterinary referral". 


Full payment will be required on the day of treatment.


If you would like to claim for the physiotherapy or laser therapy treatment through your insurance company, payment will need to be taken  on the day of the treatment and then I will provide receipts for you to send to your insurance company. 


Prices include travel up to 20 miles from Hartlebury, Worcestershire - longer distances will incur added travel costs




£50 per treatment session



Discounts available if treating 3 or more animals



£45 per treatment session


Price is dependant on number of areas treated and time taken. An initial physiotherapy session is require before all treatments to assess pain levels and any areas of compensation that may require treatment,

Discounts available of blocks

Up to 20 minutes


Up to 40 minutes


Up to 60 minutes